The Sahara

Its history is linked with that of mankind. A mineral universe that formerly enriched an entire continent, holding in its core unimaginable wealth. An immensity of sand and rock, mirages and oases, it will always be focus of our dreams and our yen to escape.

On the borders of the great desert, near the Atlantic, a few places stop the traveller in his tracks. One of these is Tan-Tan Beach by the ocean. And a bit further along the coast, Cape Juby, then Tarfaya… Laayoune, emerging from the sand , revealed in its triumphant modernity. Also Smara, the Sahara’s spiritual capital, in the heart of the Saguia al Hamra.

And right in the South, at the mouth of the Rio de Oro, Dakhla, with its sports fishing harbour nestling in the prettiest bay in the Southern Sahara.