Morocco has adopted in its development strategy the concept of sustainable development that promotes a balance between environmental, economic and social objectives with improving the quality of life of citizens, strengthening the sustainable management of natural resources and promotion of economic activities environmentally.

Accordance with its international commitments under the Earth Summits in Rio de Janeiro (1992) and Johannesburg (2002) and relevant conventions, Morocco has established the foundation to achieve sustainable development in the country through various political, institutional, legal and socio-economic. This process has been strengthened by the adoption of the National Charter for Environment and Sustainable Development, whose development has been launched following the directives of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, in his Speech from the Throne July 30, 2009 .

The realization of this process has resulted in the integration of sustainable development principles into sectoral strategies, the implementation of the Strategy for Upgrading the Environment (MANE) and the National Initiative Human Development (NIHD).