I’am getting married

Congratulations. In the name of the administration, we wish you a very happy marriage. You must provide some documents and meet some requirements for your marriage to be legal and sustainable. You will find hereinafter available all the information that is necessary to contract marriage.

Marriage is solemnized, provided the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • No consent upon the abolition of the dowry(Sadaq);
  • Consent of spouses;
  • Presence of a proxy (Wali) where necessary;
  • Freedom from legal impediments.

Likewise, the two fiancés must:

  • Be 18 years old;
  • Have the authorization of marriage for the party who is not of  legal age for marriage;(Delete redundant parts)
  • Be of Moroccan nationality (at least one of the two even if one is a national of another country.

Having acquired the necessary documents, the fiancés move to an Adul office (Muslim Notary) accredited by the Family Justice Division. On the basis the documents provided by the fiancés, the Adul fills in the official form for the marriage authorization application, which he transfers to the Family Judge for ratification.

Following such procedure, the Adul (Muslim Notary) is authorized to solemnize marriage.

Having been signed by the spouses and viewed by the Family Judge, the wife shall keep the true copy of the marriage certificate while a copy is submitted to the husband.

With regard to the Moroccan Community Abroad, They shall choose whether to contract marriage at consulates, or at the Civil Status Office in their country of residence, after they provide the required documents.

If the fiancés choose to contract marriage at the Civil Status Office in their country of residence, such marriage certificate must conform to the provisions of the Family Code. It must be filed and registered with Moroccan authorities. A copy of the civil marriage certificate must be eventually submitted to competent Moroccan consular officials within a time limit of 3 months starting from the date at which marriage was contracted.

Note that two Muslim witnesses must appear accompanied with their identification in case their presence was not mentioned in the marriage certificate, for the spouses to be able to legalize and file their civil marriage certificate.

In case no consulate is available in the country of residence, the said copy must be submitted, within the same time limit, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (Directorate of Consular and Social Affairs).

The ministry submits the said copy to the Civil Status Officer in the spouses’ birthplace in Morocco. If both or either spouses have no birthplace in Morocco, it is submitted to the Family Justice Division or to the Royal Prosecutor at the First Instance Court in Rabat.

Having completed all procedures, a certificate is submitted to who it may concern after having filed the marriage certificate at Moroccan consular offices.