I ‘am expecting a baby

In the name of the administration, congratulations to future parents. A family book is necessary to register your newborn within the legal time limit (30 days for resident Moroccans and one year for the Moroccan Community Abroad).

Persons concerned with the registration who fail to notify birth during such time limit must pay a fine and get a judgment given by the Court of First Instance in the birthplace.

The choice of first names is governed by some rules. First names must sound Moroccan. Family names, compound names composed of more than two names, and names of cities, villages, and tribes are not valid first names. They shall not prejudice ethics and public order. First names must not have titles such as “Moulay”, “Sidi”, or “Lalla”

Having chosen a first name for your newborn and having collected the necessary documents, you must move to the Civil Status Office in the birthplace or to the Consulate Office for the Moroccan Community Abroad to register your newborn in Civil Status Records.

Persons why are legally qualified to register the newborn are the relatives in the order that follows:

  • Father or mother;
  • Testamentary guardian;
  • Brother;
  • Nephew.

Full brothers shall have priority over half-brothers on father’s side which shall have priority over half-brothers on mother’s side. Likewise, the oldest has priority over the youngest as long as this latter has the capacity to notify of birth.

The duty of birth notification is transferred according to the said order to the following person if the preceding one is kept from notification due to a given impediment.

Moroccan citizens who are born during sea or air journeys shall either be notified to the Civil Status Officer in the nearest Moroccan seaport or airport, to the Moroccan Consul, to the diplomatic agent of the place of destination, or to the Civil Status Officer in the place of residence in Morocco, within a time limit of 30 days starting from the date of arrival.

Note that any extramarital birth shall result in submitting an application to the president of the Court of First Instance (Family Justice Division) to render a judgment confirming marriage, which shall be signed by either or both of the parties concerned.

Newborns whose parents are unknown shall be notified by minutes carried out by local authorities or by persons concerned, while providing a medical certificate stating the approximate age of the newborn. On the other side, the newborn whose father is unknown is registered after providing either a medical certificate, a certificate provided by a certified mid-wife, or an administrative certificate submitted by the Local Authority.

Having completed the procedures of registering the newborn in the family book, the person concerned shall get a copy of the birth certificate to notify to Contingency Funds such as the National Fund for Social Contingency Organizations (CNOPS), and Social Insurance National Fund (CNSS) to benefit from Family Care Allowances fixed at MAD 200 per month.