Wandering through the souks, it will doubtless be the everyday objects which grab your attention. Once back home, they will continue to decorate your daily life.

Table decoration

Off an alleyway in the medinas of Fez, Meknès or Marrakech, you will probably find a specialist in zellige mosaics. Once assembled these fragments of enameled terracotta can be used as tabletops to be placed on elegant cast-iron structures. Please give in to temptation confidently and without any hesitation: all craftsmen are well-versed in the export rules

Exotic crockery

Potters are always happy to demonstrate their handiwork to visitors by inviting them to share a mint tea. Whether pottery or ceramics, you can re-equip your whole kitchen with the dishes, plates, salad mixers, bowls and vases you will find. Your guests will be bowled over by your tajine dish or the elegant ramekins in which you will now present your salads.

At Rabat’s markets, admire the sumptuous rugs which are among the most beautiful in Morocco. They are excellent quality and always create the best effect in a living room or hallway. In the south or in hill-top villages, you will find Berber craftsmanship: give in to the crude yet refined simplicity of rugs patiently woven by hand.

After an astionishing tour of the famous tanneries of Fez or Marrakech, head to the souk traders. It is soon clear why the French adopted the word maroquinerie (things from Morocco) to describe leather goods, as the work is meticulous and the products high quality. This is your chance to pick up a new wallet or a sturdy travel bag!