Car rental

Car rental

Morocco has an excellent and expanding road network, and renting a car can be a good way to see the country. A driving license valid in your country of origin is acceptable, provided you have held it for at least one year. Driving is on the right. Road signs on the highways are in Arabic and French. Brown signs are designed for tourists. There are plenty of petrol stations in Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech and other cities, and on most highways. Contact us to rent a car.


A city bus in Morocco is a very cheap means of transportation. A ride usually costs around 3 Dh. A petit taxi is a far better option for a city ride than a bus. Buses have to follow their predetermined routes and can be somewhat dangerous: there have been reports of people being robbed on bus lines.

Buses that travel between cities are a good choice, especially if you have to get to a place that isn’t anywhere near a train station. The best bus company in Morocco is CTM en Supratours, which has very clean buses with air conditioning (which is important during summer)


Trains in Morocco are the best way to travel around the country. They are very clean, reliable and almost always come on time. The second class carriages are really cheap, while for a little more money you can travel in the air-conditioned first class, which is much more comfortable.

The Moroccan national railway company (ONCF — Office national des chemins de fer) is taking really good care of its customers: train stations throughout Morocco are well-equipped and clean and the personnel is very friendly. To check out the train departure schedules and ticket prices, please visit their official website listed below.