I lost a family member

In the name of the Moroccan administration, we share your sorrow and express our deepest condolences. At such a sad time,e would like to inform you that you must make a death notification.

Death shall be notified by the relatives of the deceased in the order that follows:

  • Son;
  • Spouse;
  • Father, mother, testamentary guardian, or the dative tutor of the deceased during their lifetime;
  • Guardian for the person under guardianship (kafala);
  • Brother;
  • Grand-father;
  • Local authority in case all the said persons failed to notify.

Death notification is registered on the basis of the documents submitted to the Civil Status Officer, within a time limit of 30 days for Moroccans deceased in Morocco and one year for Moroccans deceased abroad, starting from the date of decease.

Death shall either be notified to the Civil Status Officer at the place where it occurred, to the Moroccan consulate, or to the embassy if the person is deceased aboard.
Persons deceased during sea or air journeys, shall either be notified to the Civil Status Officer in the nearest Moroccan seaport or airport, to the Moroccan Consul, to the diplomatic agent of the place of destination, or to the Civil Status Officer in the most recent place of residence of the deceased in Morocco, within a time limit of 30 days starting from the date of arrival.

If death is not notified within the allowable time limit, the person in charge of notification shall be penalized by a fine of MAD 300 to MAD 1200. Then, the Moroccan Court of First Instance whose jurisdiction is over the place where death occurred render a judgment. Concerning Moroccans deceased abroad; the competent authority is the First Instance Court of the place of residence of the applicant for death notification in case no competent Court is available. This applies to Moroccans who have a domicile in Morocco, or those who have returned for once to Morocco, but not to immigrants having a permanent residence abroad with no domicile in Morocco.

In regard to Moroccans residing abroad, they must submit an application to the President of the First Instance Court of Rabat as it the competent Court, pay MAD 50 for each application to obtain a declaratory judgment.
If death occurs outside Morocco, the family may bring the deceased home by means of contacting competent services either of the commune, municipality, or province, and providing necessary documents.

After having completed the procedures related to death notification, funeral could be started after providing the burial authorization, which is submitted by the Community Health Protection Office, or by the competent social service; and submitting necessary documents.

After submitting the necessary documents, the heirs of the deceased are entitled to be provided with a short or a full copy of the death certificate by the Civil Status Office of the place of death. The said certificate shall be needed for administrative purposes in public institutions.