I intend to get a driving license

Are you or will you be soon of legal age to get a driving license? Good luck then! Be careful behind the wheel!!

1. Age according to category:

  • Be 16 years old for category: (1أ - 1 A) ;
  • Be 18 years old for category: ” ( – أ A) ” ; ” ( – ب B) ” ; ” (ه - ب) – (EB) ” ;
  • Be 21 years old for category: : ” (ج) - (c) ” ; ” (د ) - (D) ” ; ” (ه - ج ) - (EC) ” ; ” (ه - د ) - (ED) “

2. Be physically and mentally fit according to each category. A supporting medical certificate is to be provided in such case:

Having collected all necessary documents, it is mandatory to join a paid training program-theoretical and practical-by virtue of a contract signed between the learner and the driving school in which are stated the rights and duties of each party.

At the end of the training, trainees are provided with a certificate to sit for the necessary tests to get a driving license. The examination is twofold:

  • A test of knowledge about laws and regulations on driving cars;
  • A test of monitoring driving aptitudes and behaviors. It tests the extent to which trainees are aware of the dangers resulting from driving and controlling cars.

Having passed the tests, trainees go through two phases to get the driving license:

  • The first test phase: the driving license is temporary, valid for 2 years, and constituting of 20 points.
  • The Second phase starts right after the end of the first phase. The driving license becomes final, valid for 10 years, and constituting of an account of 30 points.

For temporary driving licenses submitted before October 1st, 2010-when the new code entered into force-They must end a year as the testing period starting from the date of their submission and constitute of 20 points during the remaining test period.