We are a national and international inspection agency in the field of Moroccan tours and product, which performs audits and certifications.
Our activities include: Audit, Inspection, Certification of accredited travel agencies.

Our specialized audit staff conduct inspections and report on the certified travel agencies, are considered in the inspections to:
  • Recognition
  • Organization
  • Quality
  • Travel Packages
  • Reporting
  • Inspection Report
I amorocco uses different types of certification include:
  • Company certification
  • Travel – Packages certification
  • Made in Morocco certification

Audit Procedures

The audit procedure is outlined in the following diagram and describes the following:
  • 1 A research conducted in which the company and the travel products of the company are assessed .
  • 2Pre-audit is carried out where everything is locally assessed. Here we look at the company , staff , organization, etc.
  • 3On the basis of the Pre- Audit is a plan drawn up where all points , weaknesses , etc. where the company has to work for the Audit.
  • 4 Audit is performed. Where both the documentation and the implementation is assessed.
  • 5 After the audit findings are reported .
  • 5The report is assessed and implemented.
If the procedure in accordance with the market standards is assessed is issued a certificate.

Chart Audit procedure:

  • Research
  • Orientation audit
  • Development plan
  • Audit
  • Report
  • Implementation
  • Review
  • Certification