I 'am buying/building a house

Congratulations. You have finally bought your dream ground. In order to start construction works, you must submit an application and all necessary documents to the local commune within the jurisdiction of which construction is planned.

A competent commission is in charge of studying the application within a time limit of 8 days maximum starting from the date of submission. Then, the application shall be accepted and an authorization shall be served on the personal address of the applicant who shall pay the fixed tax required by the commune.

The abovementioned commission might accept the application with some reservations. In such case, applicants are informed that it was agreed. Accordingly, they must be bound to the notes stated by the commission about the file. The commission monitors works during and after construction to ensure that the person in question abides by the instructions.

In case construction works have been undertaken by an architect, inspection might be limited to their testimony.

The commission might refuse to submit the construction authorization after having studied the file. In such case, the concerned person is informed of the decision and provided with grounds for refusal within a time limit of 48 hours.

The applicant is in this case entitled to submit an application again provided they modify the project according to the instructions of the administration.

The concerned person must notify that construction works have been completed and submit an application to the design service of the commune or the borough to obtain the authorization to dwell in the house.

The authorization is submitted by the President of the Commune’s Council or the President of the Borough’s Council, after ensuring that works have been carried out according to instructions.