Meetings with Moroccans provide the first treasures of a Kingdom where hospitality remains firmly rooted in each of its provinces. Morocco, with Arabian, Andalusian, Berber and African origins, has a population and life styles with very definite characters, yet they all mingle and are displayed with the same delight, the same curiosity.

This diversity is shown in the fact that both French, English, Spanish  and Arabic are spoken by the majority, there are several dialects and a variety of clothing traditions.

Traditional or European for the city dwellers, the clothes often reflect a regional adherence in the countryside. A Kingdom of more than 35 million people with an area of 710,850 km per sq.m., Morocco continues to surprise and to reveal different facets of itself.

The tea ceremony is a very special moment in the day. Getting together with Moroccans around the “berrad”, or teapot, is an essential social ritual and easy way to make contact with the culture of an ever-welcoming people.